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To pick up a stone photobook Free work

"In photographic studies, Den Boer examines the experience of scale, perspective and spatiality through an eclectic variety of images of mountains, rocks and stones. Time, light and distance determine the experience of something as massive as a mountain, but can the expression of a mountain also be discovered in a close-up, or even in a single stone? The diversity of her images show how changeable our view of a seemingly static object can be."
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To pick up a stone Free work

Why do we pick up stones? Perhaps to connect with something that has existed for a long time, to remind us of our relationship with the earth, to be here and now. With this work I want to invite you to connect to something that’s very old, to slow down, to be still, to look and look again.
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Anchors Free work

Thinking of and working with the notion of silence the desert slowly became my focus. The desert is not only a place where it’s literally quiet, but can also be interpreted as a metaphor for silence; it’s where a specific place and a ‘state of mind’ comes together.
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Anchors photobook Free work

"With Anchors Den Boer shows that silence is very different from emptiness. The calm places shown in the book are attractively inviting but frightening at the same time. The book contains 24 images made between 2012 and 2015 on Dutch Islands, in small Belgian and Southern France villages, the New Mexican desert USA, the Tibetan Highlands and the Moroccan Sahara desert."
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Stil Geluid Research & development

Podium- en inhoud specifieke beelden waarin ik meer experimenteer met het gebruik van 'bewegende foto's', gemaakt voor de scenografie van het te maken dansstuk Stil Geluid. Daarnaast het door mij gemaakte PR beeld voor het te maken dansstuk.
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Silent Witness International + Multi disciplinary collaboration

"Claudia den Boer visualises the possible upcoming disappearance of traditional trades from Malaysian culture in a photo series. Den Boer photographed the stillness and emptiness of workspaces without the artisans in it. Caught in between the presence and absence, the workspace metaphorically becomes a silent witness of the artisans’ work."
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Cataract Free work

The idea of ‘seeing’ and ‘not-seeing’, inspired by philosophical texts brought by cultural philosopher Marc Colpaert, lies at the base of this work. Using two elements to explore this idea; my fascination with spaces and light.
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Cataract International + Multi disciplinary collaboration

Cataract is based on the idea that our outlook on reality is unclear, veiled... and that it can't be any other way. Cataract is a collaboration between Swiss-Dutch choreographer Katja Grässli, Flemisch cultural philosopher Marc Colpaert, Malaysian dancer Beh Chin Lau, Swiss-Brazilian dancer Natalie Wagner.
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(TE)STIL Multi disciplinary collaboration

In dansvoorstelling (TE)STIL brengen we de wereld van dove, slechthorende en horende mensen bij elkaar. (TE)STIL is een crossover tussen dans, gebarentaal en fotografie, gedanst door een dove en een horende danser, gemaakt voor doof, slechthorend en horend publiek
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Podium Free work + collaboration

"Theaters Tilburg nodigde de fotografen van het collectief uit om te verbeelden wat hen opvalt, verrast, verwondert en inspireert. Het bijzondere resultaat is te zien in een speciaal voor het jubileum samengestelde foto-expositie met bijgaande publicatie."
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Verborgen Stad Multi disciplinary collaboration

"Verborgen Stad - een onderzoek naar de lintstructuur van Tilburg. Deze publicatie is het resultaat van het onderzoeksatelier Verborgen Stad, een project in opdracht van de gemeente Tilburg en tot stand gekomen in samenwerking met de Fontys Academie voor Architectuur en Stedenbouw Tilburg. De organisatie was in handen van architect Martijn Honselaar (Ontwerplab) en fotograaf Claudia den Boer."
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2, 4, 6, 8 Free work

How is a home created? How much individuality can a home portray when it is a part of a whole? How exchangeable is identity? With these questions in mind I explored the new housing development at the tip of peninsula Katendrecht in Rotterdam.
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