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To pick up a stone Free work

To pick up a stone stems from my first photo book Anchors. Walking through deserts I picked up some stones; I wanted to carry a piece of the landscape with me. In later journeys, I brought these stones with me to photograph in mountain landscapes. With my camera I went looking for ‘the mountain in the stone’. I also photographed the mountains themselves with their constant ‘changing faces’ and silent presence. Back home, I traveled again; this time in the landscape of my negatives, through images of stones and mountains, to look again at what I’d already seen.

Why do we pick up stones? Perhaps to connect with something that has existed for a long time, to remind us of our relationship with the earth, to be here and now. With this work I want to invite you to connect to something that’s very old, to slow down, to be still, to look and look again.

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